Lost but not Forgotten Realms

Buried but not Forgotten
Search for Answers

After laying Chevenol to rest the team returned to the Inn of the Mist to regroup and see what the Howler’s next move would be. Roger (aka the Codger), one of the gangs bosses asked the team to split into two packs and to seek out information.

As one pack headed towards a known hang out of some Domino gang members (Iron Wheasle) to see if they could round up a few or at least get some answers, the other pack headed to a meeting with a known information broker named Tillson.

Outside the Iron Wheasle, Kraig and Azier took to the roof tops to look for any spotters the Dominos may have while Os and Ramseys made their way closer. Azier spotted a lookout on a rooftop adjacent to the Iron Wheasle, but it was Kraig who took the first shot at him with Azier following suite. As the lookout fell from the roof top, Os kicked in the front door of the Tavern and Ramsis followd with a blinding flash of light. Then all hell broke loose as the Domino members who could still see went on the attack. Os managed to use his Iron bands of billero to capture a mage while Kraig and Azier finaly made it to the back door to secure the lookout who had fallen from the roof (Kraig tried to remove the arrows to stabelize him but to no avail). The fight was fast an furious with Ramseys getting moraly wounded. Os threw his captive out the window and intended on escaping but was met with a Domino wanting to bargain with an unconcious Ramsis in exchange for the mage. Os would have none of it and threw the captive aside and charged the Domino, Ramsis paid the price and his throat was slit and he died before he hit the ground. While Os battled on, Kraig and Azier entered through the back of the tavern and took arrow shots at those inside. Seeing the tide of battle turning the remaining Dominos chose flight over fight and exited any way they could. Os was able to retrieve his captive and evade pursuers and make it back to Howler territory as was Kraig and Azier with Ramsis’ body and another Domino captive.

Cassidy managed to get an appointment with Tillson, but at his office vs a neutral site like she hoped. Narda, Jack and here new dwarven friend accompanied her to the meeting. They were met by Tillson’s less than hospital group of mercanaries, but gained his audiance none the less. Cassidy tried to “charm” some information out of Tillson, but it was she who fell influence to Tillson’s “suggestion” for 200 gold pieces for his information. While Cassidy’s protectors exchanged underbreathed insults with Tillsons guards, Cassidy and Tillson managed to get some insults of their own against each other. Tempers started to flare as they often do when egos are involved and a small skermish broke out in his office. Both sides gave as good as they got and cooler heads finaly previaled and the skirmish was over as quickly as it started with both sides claiming they had a better showing. Through it all they managed to learn that some new player(s) had made their way into town off of the “Raven” captained by One eyed Greg, they all have a skull wrapped in flames tatoo on their left forearm. Supposedly one of them met with each of the gang leaders in private (including Chevenol) and it appears that perhaps one of the gangs have thrown in with them. They are rumored to have a place somewhere around the 5th ward on the east end (the same general area where Eggar Harris is rumored to have lived).

Both teams returned to the prearranged safe house to meet back up and discuss what they had found, while Ramsis was taken to the shrine of Torm to see if his soul could be brought back.

Funeral of a Friend
Coming Home
Word had reached each of them that their mentor Chevenol Barlog had passed away and that his funeral was being held in a few days. Each of them owed this man in more ways than they could repay. Chevenol played a large part in each of their early developmental and formative years. As one of the officers in charge of the Howler’s street gang, he had protected them, trained them, looked out for and loved them. Now he was gone so there was no questions that each one would make the trip back home to the means streets of Luscan that they had so eagerly left behind. No sooner had they stepped foot on the dirty cobblestone streets of Luscan, and they were harassed by a rival gang calling themselves the Dominos. In one instance they tried to beguile Narda into an ally way to take advantage of her, but their plans were foiled when Os, Jack Calico and a few other ex-Howler’s got involved. In another a pick pocket stole Ambers coin purse and lured her into an ambush. She managed to escape, but Kraig had an unfortunate run in with some alchemists fire and the city guard (really a disguised Domino gang member) as he was accused of killing a child with one of his arrows (actually an accidental shotting by a fellow Howler).


Soon all the ex-members were reunited at the Inn of the Mist. There they enjoyed the hospitality of good food, good spirits, getting a chance to catch up with old friends and to pay their final respects to Chevenol. In true Jack fashion he was the life of the bar “Spice Rum for everyone”. While Kraig tried to forget earlier events by getting old Samuel drunk on black talon. Amber was the only one who volunteered to be part of the funeral ceremoney and went to visit the priests of Kelemvor who let her participate in the burial ritual.


The next day everyone gathered in the cemetary (much fewer numbers attended the acutal ceremony than had attended the wake the night before) and got to say their final goodbyes. As the ceremony was nearing conclusion a male voice asked if it was too late to say a few words. He was of course given the chance to speak and he did. As he finished the last sylaball of his thrid word, the tombstones in the surroinding area exploded sending shrapnel into the mourners knocking some over and severly injuring others. It was Kraig who noticed the male figure making his way towards a side gate and without hesitation he jumped ontop of Chevenols coffin and shot him down with a bow shot. As some helped the injured and others got back to their own feet they soon noticed that they were under attack by several ghasts that had apparently been released from the mosaleum nearest to them. Jack, Narda, Amber and others made short work of the Ghasts while Os made his way to the fallen runner and struck him once more to ensure he would not escape and killed him. He brough the body back to the gathering, Chevenols funeral was completed and he was buried. A pair of Howlers were tasked to stand guard over his grave while the rest left to get their wounds attended to and to see what they could find.


Through use of speak with dead (thanks to the priests of Kelemvor) they learned that the Duskers may be behind the plot, an approximate address of where the man lived, that he was paid to say the words, they got a name Egger Harris, but not much else to go on. After passing the info on to the current Howler leaders they were instructed to break into two packs and to hit a Domino hang out called the Iron Wheasle along with an information broker named Tillson’s office to try and get more information and to report back to the gang.



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