[PC] Os

A knight seeking fame, fortune, honor, and respect.


Frostblood Half-Orc Knight 5


My character “Os” was conceived in a rural farming community, the end result of a raid and pillage perpetrated by an Orcish clan. After the attack his mother moved to the larger city of Luskan, thinking it would be safer for her and her unborn son. He was born only slightly different than your average human child, with only slightly pointed ears and a pug nose decrying his orcish ancestry, and his mother did her very best to raise him until she died of illness when he was about thirteen, leaving him with a strong sense of pride and personal honor. When puberty hit him the real ‘gift’ of his dubious heritage manifested itself and thick armor-like scales grew over the majority of his body. Already involved with street life at this point he relied more heavily on crime and shady doings to support himself, and his natural toughness and brawn shaped him into a very strong and intimidating teenage boy. In his free time he tried to figure out the cause of his strange transformation, eventually finding out the truth in his tenuous link to draconic heritage.

In due time he grew dissatisfied with thug life, certain he was destined for bigger and better things. He found the tenants of Lathander to be something he greatly admired, particularly the tenants about perfecting oneself, avoiding negativity and helping others. He decided the best way to help others would be to lead by example, and it was then he took the code of the knight upon himself and set out to achieve his ultimate goal, establishing and ruling his very own dominion. In his mind, the traces of dragon blood in his veins make him just as eligible and worthy to rule as any noble that currently holds a position of power. Os is ruthless, efficient, and honorable, but absolutely convinced of his right and ability to (someday) rule. He will take by force anything that ought to be his, but believes that in order to have a long-standing and celebrated rule he must win the hearts and minds of those who would be his subjects. While most of the knightly deeds he has so far done can certainly be considered ‘good’, he has nothing but his own self-interest at heart. His heraldic symbol is a white dragon’s claw on a deep blue background. He is very interested in striking up an alliance with Ramsis(Jessica’s character), because of the Warmage’s intellect, spellcraft, and knowledge of history and military tactics strike him as exactly the kind of thing that would be very beneficial to leading and winning in his inevitable battles and wars.

[PC] Os

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