Street Gangs


Howlers – The gang each of you belonged to at one time. They primarily dealt with non violent crimes, such as pick pockets, thieft from street vendors/shops, to elaborate cons. They mostly target visitors and leave the locals alone as much as possible. They look after the beggers, the orphans, the forgotten etc. They had worked to become the #2 guild in the city behind only the Blood Sharks, with the Domnios close behind them. Gang members wear a Howler quill somewhere on their clothing or like a plume in their hat. Current leadership up for elections after the passing of Chevenol Barlog.


Domino(s) – One of the rival gangs who has stepped up its efforts to move into some of Howler territories. Dominos usually have their faces painted white and black or wear a pin in the symbol of a domino on their right collar, lapel or chest area. Current leader Pratts Domino

Duskers – Gang that hangs out near the Old Ruins and cemetery of Luscan. Each one wears a distinctive black or gray top hat, with matching black or gray all weather cloak. They are not concerned with expanding their territory and prefer to concentrate their time and talents on things related to the old city, its ruins, its mysteries, the occult , death and the undead. CUrrent Leader is Cyrus Dark

Blood Sharks – Are the largest and perhaps strongest gang. They are reputed to work directly for one if not all the five captains to do their bidding in Luskan. They control all the waterfront, docks, shipping, warehouses etc. and have a hand in every business that caters to the same. They deal in extortion, kidnappings and other intimidation tactics and run extensive collections/protection rackets. Rumored to also deal in black market hard to find items as well as in pirating and smuggling. Current Leader is Dillon Reef

Street Gangs

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